Sales Policy

At Mueller, we always do everything we can to satisfy our customers. The following sales policies are standard practice in our industry, and are in place to help us run our business smoothly and successfully.

Prices. Due to market fluctuation, quoted prices are valid for a limited time only.  Please visit one of our branches or call our toll free number 877-2-MUELLER for current prices. Customer shall be responsible for and pay any and all taxes and fees imposed upon or on account of any materials, goods, or services, except taxes required by law to be paid or borne by Mueller, Inc.

Returns. All returned items are subject to a standard restocking charge to be determined by Mueller, Inc. Restocking charges will be determined by the condition of the material and its suitability for resale. All returns must be accompanied by an invoice. All special trim will have no return value. Standard trim will have reject value only unless special circumstances apply. Special ordered items will be returned only at Mueller discretion.

Storage policy. Because of limited storage space, Mueller, Inc. will store custom fabricated material only for a reasonable amount of time. After this, notice will be sent that material must be either picked up or delivered within 10 days, or it will be placed in stock with the deposit forfeited and/or a restocking charge imposed.

Shipping. Mueller, Inc. will make every effort to meet requested shipping dates; however, Mueller, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of any kind sustained by customer because of any unforeseen inability to meet shipping dates. Please allow as much shipping time as possible.

Telephone orders. Customer assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of telephone orders if written confirmation is not received prior to release of the order for manufacturing. Customer may request a written confirmation, with the understanding that the manufacturing process will be delayed.

Packaging charges. Trim orders, to be delivered, will be wrapped in a protective plastic, free of charge. If additional packaging (Foam Wrapping) is required or requested, a charge of $2.50 per linear foot ($25.00 minimum) will be added to the order. Each bundle will not exceed 300 lbs.  Cover sheets will be placed on all bundles of sheets that are warrantied. A charge of $15.00 per bundle up to 15' in length and $30.00 per bundle over 15' in length will be added to the order. Each bundle will not exceed 3,000 lbs.


Delivery options. Mueller offers two delivery options:

1. A direct delivery is the option that provides the most accurate, convenient service. Orders will be delivered on a Mueller truck and the exact delivery day can be scheduled in advance. A direct delivery fee is determined by the miles from Mueller’s shipping point to the customer’s job site times a mileage rate.  Note:  Mueller cannot be held responsible for delivery times affected by events outside of our control (weather, road construction, etc.)

2. A drop delivery is the option that provides the greatest economy. Multiple orders will be loaded and shipped together on a Mueller truck in order to minimize shipping costs per order. The delivery fee is based on a minimum charge by mileage. The exact delivery day cannot be determined in advance but a delivery time range will be established prior to shipping. Due to multiple orders shipping together on one trailer, unloading might require extra material handling.

Note: It is the responsibility of the customer to be prepared with the necessary manpower and/or equipment to receive materials delivered by Mueller, Inc. Construction site must be safely accessible for Mueller equipment. Mueller personnel will have final determination on jobsite accessibility.

If third party carriers are used, orders must be prepaid.  Customers are responsible for offloading material.

Pick-up orders. It is the customer’s responsibility to secure material to their vehicle.

Cancellations. Cancellation of a manufactured order after production has begun will be subject to restocking charges.

Protecting material after delivery. Mueller takes every precaution to deliver your material in #1 condition. Any shipping damage should be noted with the driver. Mueller cannot be responsible for storage or handling damage to material after the delivery. The owner should follow the recommended storage procedures.