Metal Barrel Tile roof

Distinct Old-World Charm 

This style combines the history, beauty and character of old-world clay tiles with the durability of metal roofing. 

The look of Clay. The performance of Steel. 

  • Designed for serious weather resistance! Class 4 hail rating, 130 mph wind rating, with excellent snow and ice rating.
  • Kynar™ 500 ceramic pigmented finish provides a low-sheen, matte appearance.
  • The Barrel Tile Roof System is lighter weight than traditional clay tiles. This eliminates the need for additional structural support that is standard with clay tiles. 

The finishing Touch

  • Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology® reflects more than 70% of solar heat. 
  • The harded, resin based finish system on ProVia Metal Roofing Systems protcects against dirt, mildew, and algae stains. 
  • For added weather protection a G90 Steel Core and zinc phosphate anticorrosive coating is applied to both sides of every panel. 

Metal Barrel Tile Roof Colors





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