Building Construction

After the steel building is delivered to the jobsite, it is ready for construction. Unless specified when ordering, the steel building supplier is not responsible for erecting the steel building. It is the end-user's responsibility to hire a qualified independent erector to complete the construction process.

It is a good idea to schedule your project with a qualified independent builder weeks or months in advance if possible. That way when your building is delivered, the construction process can begin immediately.


The contract documents should include in writing everything that the independent erector is responsible for in completing your steel building project. You should not rely on just a verbal agreement. These documents should be signed before the construction process begins, so the independent erector knows exactly what is expected of him.


Most independent steel building erectors do not get involved in any of the finish work to complete your steel building project such as electrical or plumbing. They are usually primarily responsible for the actual erection process, and should provide all of the following:

  • Tools and equipment necessary for unloading and erecting the building safely and properly.
  • Electricity and compressed air needed to power tools and equipment.
  • Insulation and insulation accessories to be installed in the exterior wall and roof of the building system.
  • All the manpower necessary to complete the project on time.
  • Removal of temporary buildings or trash resulting from the building construction.

Each independent builder works in a different way, but the erection process should include all of the tasks above and these responsibilities should be stated in the contract documents.