Create the custom building you've always imagined.

So you've decided to create a custom steel building - congratulations!  There are several steps involved in taking your project from your imagination to reality.  From building design and delivery to erection of the steel building, this section will explain each stage of the buying and construction process.

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Building Design

Throughout the design process, your sales representative will gather information about the uses of your building and all of the accessories required to complete the project.  In this section, we explain all the criteria you will need to know about designing your building before it can be manufactured.

Building Engineering

Because every steel building is different, each one must be engineered based on its size, location and use.  The first step is to review steel building requirements with your local code authority.  Most counties and city governments have codes and specifications governing construction in their areas.  Check with any local neighborhood associations that may have restrictions or guidelines concerning steel buildings.  You also need to think about the different types of loads you must take into consideration.

3D Quote Request

Want to get a cost estimate on a Mueller steel building?  Tell us the parameters of your project, and we'll send you a quote via email. 

Ordering Process

Once all of the building requirements have been added, your sales representative will present you with a purchase agreement.  An initial deposit of 25% is required to proceed with the order, then the final payment is due at delivery.  Mueller accepts cash, checks (with proper identification), Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Choosing a Qualified Independent Erector

It is a good idea to schedule your project construction with a qualified independent erector several weeks in advance, so it can begin immediately upon delivery of the building.

Delivery of the Building

After purchasing your steel building, it's time to prepare the construction site for the delivery of your building.

Receipt of the Building

It's up to you to verify all materials received upon the delivery of your steel building.  That way, any problems - such as shortages or damaged materials - can be resolved at that time.

Construction of the Building

After the building has been delivered, the construction process can begin.  Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you need to hire a qualified independent erector, Mueller will provide installation manuals to support your project.


For information about Mueller's financing options, visit with your sales representative or call 877-2-MUELLER to be directed to a sales branch nearest you.