Choosing a Qualified Independent Erector

One of the most crucial parts of your steel building project is finding an experienced independent builder. Most problems that occur with steel buildings are a result of the building not being assembled properly. An experienced independent erector will make sure the entire project is on track through completion.

A qualified independent erector, who has been in the steel building business for many years, has encountered most of the challenges that occur during the erection process. Someone with less experience might run into a problem that could delay the project days, weeks, or months longer.

Because not all steel buildings are put together the same way, your independent erector needs to have familiarity with a variety of steel building systems. This knowledge will ensure that your building is erected correctly and is weather tight and structurally sound.

It is not worth hiring an inexperienced independent builder just to save on construction fees. It could actually cost you more money down the road to correct the problems associated with their initial construction. In most cases, a qualified independent erector can provide you with advice that will save you money and add long-term value to your steel building project.


It is always a good idea to do some research on any prospective independent erector. After all, you will probably be using this building for many years, and it is worth spending some time to make sure you get a qualified independent builder. Even if your steel building supplier refers an independent erector, it is in your best interest if you make sure they have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain optimal results.


An independent builder may claim to have built many steel buildings, but it is best not to just take his word for it. Ask for references, and talk to his previous customers to get a clear picture of what your own experience might be like.


Some states require that an independent contractor or independent erector be licensed to build in your area. Be sure to check with the local building department to get licensing requirements when you are checking on your building codes.