Receipt of the Building

As soon as your building is delivered, you need to immediately begin verifying the materials received to the materials you are being billed for. The end-user or independent erector can handle this verification process. Any shortages of materials must be noted on the packing list and acknowledged by the carrier. If the verification process is neglected, the supplier will not be held liable for shortages discovered later.


During the delivery verification process, all building materials should also be checked for damage. If there is damage found, it must be noted on the packing list and acknowledged by the carrier. If the damages are not detected by a visual inspection upon delivery, the building supplier is not responsible for problems during erection because of damaged materials.

Occasionally, a building component may be defective and it is not realized until the erection process. If it is defective, not damaged, the supplier will be responsible for replacement. The supplier must be immediately notified if a defective component is found.

Most independent steel building erectors have experience with the verification and inspection process. They know what to look for, so it is a good idea to have them on site to receive the materials. A thorough visual check when the steel building is delivered will ensure that problems with shortages and damaged materials don't arise during the erection process.